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3.2. Who's Using the Network Licenses?

Disponible en español: ¿Quién esta utilizando las licencias de Red?
Disponível em português: Quem está usando as Licenças de Rede?

Applies to: Palisade Concurrent Network products

I tried to run @RISK, and a pop-up tells me all network licenses are in use. I'd like to ask someone to release a license if they're not using it. How can I find out who's using the network licenses at the moment?

That information is not available to the end users, but the server administrators can get it as explained in Monitoring License Use.

By the way, the license is released when you close Excel. The license is also released if you click Utilities » Unload @RISK Add-In, and keep Excel open.

Last edited: 2020-04-02

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