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3.3. Activating a 6.x/7/x Enterprise Network Client License

Applies to: Palisade Enterprise Network clients, release 6.x/7.x

I want to activate a new user on a client (workstation) computer. How do I do that?

If the client is connected to your Enterprise Network server, an install should activate the license automatically. An Internet connection is not needed.  If the activation fails because all licenses are in use, you can free up a license as explained in Deactivating a 6.x/7.x Enterprise Network License.

If you have already installed a trial version, or if all the licenses were in use when you installed the software and now a license is free, please follow the procedure in Changing 7.x Standalone Workstation to Enterprise Client or Changing a 6.x Standalone Copy to an Enterprise Network Client.

Reminder: If you later give this user a new computer, or reassign the software to a different user, you must first deactivate the license on this workstation through License Manager. That returns the license to the pool of available licenses on your server.

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