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3.1. Borrowing a Concurrent Network License for Use off Network

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Applies to: Palisade Concurrent Network licenses, release 6.x/7.x/8.x
(If you have 5.x software, please see Borrowing a 5.x Concurrent Network License for Use off Network.)

I'm going to be away from the office overnight or for a few days. Can I take my laptop with me and run the software while not connected to my organization's network?

Yes, you can, if your server administrator has enabled borrowing for your network license. Here's the procedure:

  1. While on network, run the software.
    Caution: The software must be running on the laptop that you intend to disconnect from the network. If you borrow a license while running on a Citrix server or via Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, or another remote login, the borrowed license won't work, and you won't even be able to return it before the end of the borrowing period.

  2. Click Help » License Manager.

  3. Verify that the license in use is the one you want to borrow. (Some networks have multiple licenses installed.) If it is not, click the Select License button and select the correct license. After you click OK, License Manager will disappear, so open it again.

  4. Click the Borrow License button. You will be prompted to select a number of days or an end date. The borrow period will end at 11:59 PM (23:59) on that date.  TIP: No one else can use the license while you have it checked out, so specify only as much time as you need, not the maximum you can get.

    Some types of problems require you to contact your server administrator, not Palisade:

    • If you get the message "Borrowing is not allowed for this license", your server administrator has not allowed borrowing.
    • If you ask to borrow for longer than your server administrator allows, License Manager will tell you the allowed duration.
    • If a message says that borrowing failed for an unknown reason, your license server administrator has placed a restriction on who can borrow a license.

    Your server administrator can find information about borrowing options at Step 2: Set Options—Borrowing (7.x)  or Step 2: Set Options—Borrowing (6.x). If your administrator changes borrowing options for you, you must close Excel and reopen the application so that your computer picks up the changed information from the server.

If you reopen License Manager after borrowing a license, it will tell you you're using a borrowed license and when the license will expire. You don't have to do anything: the license will be returned to the pool automatically even if you're not connected to your network.

I don't need the borrowed license any more. Can I return it early, so that others can use it?

If you finish your project or return to the office sooner than expected, you can return the license early. Here's how:

  1. While on network, run the software.

  2. Click Help » License Manager.

  3. Click the Return button.

The license will be returned, but you'll still be able to run the software while on network, as long as a license is available.

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