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8.33. Macro Doesn't Store Values to Workbook

Applies to: @RISK for Excel, all releases

I have set @RISK to run a macro at every iteration, and my macro code makes changes to the workbook.  It seems that these changes do get made for some groups of iterations, but not for others.  Why isn't my macro running for all iterations?

Do you have multiple CPU set to Enabled in Simulation Settings?  In a multiple-CPU simulation, each CPU has its own copy of the workbook.  The master CPU (the one with a visible Excel window) parcels out the work to the worker CPUs, and they send back random numbers for @RISK distributions in their assigned blocks of iterations.  At the end of simulation, the worker copies of Excel are shut down, and if your VBA code made any changes they are lost.  

If you need to generate numbers with VBA code during a simulation, and have them available after the simulation, here are some possibilities:

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