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8.32. Advanced Sensitivity Analysis Shows no Variation

Applies to:
@RISK version 5.0 and 5.5.0

It seems like the Advanced Sensitivity Analysis just pulls the same values over and over, with no variation between iterations. I have some of the new RiskStatic( ) functions in my model.

This was a known problem with @RISK 5.0 and 5.5.0, and was fixed in 5.5.1. If you have current maintenance, please upgrade to the latest product.

If you're running an Advanced Sensitivity Analysis on any model that contains RiskStatic( ) functions, all of the sampled values for those functions will be the static value, so it looks like the sensitivity analysis is not working. With an older file where the model was already defined, this wasn't an issue. But when you define new distributions for cells which already contain values, the model will most likely contain RiskStatic( ) values, and those cells will not vary. If you're unable to upgrade to @RSK 5.5.1 or later, the workaround is to remove the RiskStatic( ) functions from those cells, and then run Advanced Sensitivity Analysis.

last edited: 2011-01-24

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