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8.34. GraphDistribution Method in VBA Fails

Applies to: @RISK 7.5.1 only

My VBA code worked fine in 7.5.0, but when I updated to 7.5.1 it started failing in the GraphDistribution method. My error message is

Invalid argument.
Argument: Simulation


Method 'GraphDistribution' of object '_RiskSimResultCollection' failed

This is a bug unfortunately introduced in @RISK 7.5.1. It affects GraphDistribution or any other method whose first argument is a variant for identifying the result and whose second argument is an optional simulation number. If you supply the simulation number all is well, but if you leave it out then @RISK displays one of the above errors.

This bug is fixed in @RISK 7.5.2. In @RISK 7.5.1, click Help » Check for Software Updates, or email Palisade Technical Support with your @RISK serial number, and ask for a 7.5.2 installer.

Last edited: 2018-01-17

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