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6.34. "Error on page" (@RISK 4.x)

Applies To:
@RISK for Project 4.1
Evolver Developer's Kit (EDK)
@RISK Developer's Kit (RDK)

When I load RISKPJ41\Tutorial\rp4Tutorial.html (or another tutorial mentioned above) and press any of the PLAY buttons, there is just the little message in the lower left hand corner "Error on page" and nothing happens.

The same thing happens when I attempt to run the tutorial from your Web site.

Installing an updated version of Windows Media Player (7.0 or higher), or Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher), or both, should cure this problem. These free downloads are available from Microsoft.

Note: If you are running Windows 95 or Windows NT, you will be unable to upgrade your Windows Media Player to the required version. You will need to either install a more up-to-date operating system or run the tutorial from a different computer that has a more recent operating system installed.

last edited: 2012-11-23

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