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6.33. "Error defining output ...Please check the RiskOutput functions" (@RISK 4.x)

Applies to:
@RISK for Project 4.x

When I start a simulation, I get the message

Error defining output ...Please check the RiskOutput functions in this range and retry!
Simulation RDK4_DefineOutput 92


Text fields in Microsoft Project are limited to 255 characters.   If you have a long task name, and one of the fields of that task is an @RISK output, the output name may exceed the limit.  @RISK adds some information to the task name to create the default output name, so you probably want to keep your task names under about 200 characters. 

As an alternative, if you want to keep a long task name, you can specify a non-default output name by editing the RiskOutput function in the @RISK Functions column for that output: change Fieldname=RiskOutput() to Fieldname=RiskOutput("your short name for the output").

last edited: 2012-08-08

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