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6.35. "File not found" (@RISK 4.x)

Applies to:
@RISK for Project 4.x

When I open my project, I get one or more "file not found" messages. It doesn't tell me which file it's looking for.

Please try our examples, which are in folder RISKPJ41\Examples or RISKPJ40\Examples under your Palisade installation directory. If those projects run, your particular project file may be corrupt.

To fix a corrupt project file:

  1. Open Microsoft Project (not @RISK) and open the project.
  2. Do File » Save As and select the type XML.
  3. Close the original project.
  4. Open the XML project, making a note of any error messages.
  5. Save the XML project as an MPP project under a new name, then fix whatever problems the messages revealed.

We found this solution by a Web search, leading to the article "How to troubleshoot damaged projects in Microsoft Project" (accessed 2009-08-29). It is no longer in its original location, but this archived copy is still available.

last edited: 2012-11-22

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