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6.36. "Object library invalid or contains references ..." (@RISK 4.x)

Applies to:
@RISK for Project 4.1, released 2008 or earlier

When I try to start @RISK, I get the message

Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found

This is related to a problem with a Microsoft Windows security update of 2008-12-09: MS08-070: Vulnerabilities in Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Extended Files (ActiveX Controls) could allow remote code execution (accessed 2012-11-16).

The error message will appear in a new installation of @RISK for Project if the Windows update has already been applied to your system. It can also appear in a previously working installation of @RISK, if you apply the Windows update or it's applied automatically.

In January 2009 we released @RISK for Project 4.1.4r2, which is compatible with that Windows security update. If you have an earlier version of @RISK for Project—4.1.3 or earlier, or 4.1.4 without an "r" number—you should upgrade to a later version to resolve this problem. Your Palisade sales manager can assist you with the upgrade.

To determine your @RISK for Project version, open Computer or My Computer and select C: » Program Files (x86) or Program Files » Palisade » RISKPJ41 » Version History. If you have @RISK 4.1.4r2 or later and you got this error message, the cause is something other than the Windows security update; please contact Palisade Technical Support for assistance.

last edited: 2012-11-16

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