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3.5. Activation Went Fine, But It Asks Me to Activate Again (5.x)

Applies to:
All Palisade software releases 5.x
For Palisade software releases 1.x and 4.x, please see Authorization Went Fine, But It Asks Me to Authorize Again (1.x/4.x).

I activated my Palisade software, and it said "activation successful". Everything seemed fine and I did my work. But when I reopen the software, I again get a request to activate.

First, please check that you have installed the correct product. Did you install @RISK when you actually bought the full DecisionTools Suite, or did you install a different edition (Standard, Professional, Industrial) from the one you bought? If so, please uninstall the incorrect product and install the correct one. Technical Support at can check your product for you if you send your Activation ID and a screen shot of the License Activation screen.

If you activated manually, did you go through the sequence twice? For the first Manual Activation on a given computer, it is necessary to save request file, load response file, get the "Manual Activation Successful" popup message, then again save a new request file and load a new response file. The second "Successful" popup is the one that matters.

For more possible causes, see Activation Window Pops Up, But Software is Activated (5.x).

last edited: 2014-01-10

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