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3.4. Activation Fails with "The activation request text box is empty." (5.x)

Applies to:
Palisade software release 5.x, standalone versions

I'm unable to perform an Automatic Activation.  When I try Manual Activation and click Save Request File, I get the message "The activation request text box is empty."

Most likely this is a permissions problem. Ask your IT people to log on using a full administrative account (not local admin or domain admin, but full admin). They may be able to perform the Automatic Activation, but if not then the Manual Activation should work. After saving the request file, they can complete the activation at (Caution: The activation may take two passes. They should be on the lookout for red text that will appear on the Web site if a second pass is required for this computer.)

Activations are per machine, not per user. Even though IT was running with administrative privilege to perform the activation, when you log on as you the software will still be activated.

If IT gets the same error message, then there is something unusual about your disk preventing the license from being written.  The license, for an activated version or a trial version, is written to a non-file area of the local hard drive called Trusted Storage.  You may have a RAID, or it may be a networked drive or RAM drive, or you may have some software or policy settings that are interfering. In these cases, please contact Palisade Technical Support for assistance.

last edited: 2014-08-26

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