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1.5. Silent Install of 5.x Standalone Software

Applies to:
Palisade standalone software releases 5.x
If you have release 6.x, please see Silent Install of 6.x Standalone Software.

How can I script release 5.x @RISK, The DecisionTools Suite, or other 5.x versions of Palisade software for a silent or unattended install?

Beginning with release 5.0, we use Microsoft's Windows Installer (.MSI format) via InstallShield wrapper (for the .EXE), and you should not have to script at all. Pertinent properties have been made public so you can pass them through the installer command line.   Caution: Since environments tend to be different and testing cannot encompass all environments, we strongly encourage testing before any major roll out.  Please see later in this article for two potential problems.

For The DecisionTools Suite 5.x, a silent install will install all components. We do not offer a command-line property to install only selected components.

To install any 5.x standalone (non-network) version and prompt the user to enter the Activation ID, use this command:

(installer program name).exe /s /v"/qn"

If you prefer to embed the Activation ID in the command rather than have users enter it, specify it this way:

(installer program name).exe /s /v"ACTIVATIONID=this-user's-Activation-ID /qn"

Variation (passive install):

For any of the above commands, if you want a progress bar rather than a completely silent install, /qb instead of /qn will do that.  If you make it /qb+ rather than /qn, you get a progress bar during install and a modal dialog at the end to announce that installation was successful.

Variation (no desktop icons):

The attended install has a checkbox for putting shortcuts on the desktop.  To suppress those desktop shortcuts (equivalent to removing the check mark from the box), add the DTOPSHORTCUTS=0 parameter inside the quotes.  For example, here's a specimen standalone install:

setup.exe /s /v"DTOPSHORTCUTS=0 SERIAL=5999999 COMPANYNAME=\"Palisade Corp.\" ACTIVATIONID=40-5999999-AB12XY-P17 /qr"

See Problems in Silent Install.

last edited: 2013-01-03

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