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11.19. Adding a Project Column to Excel

Applies to: @RISK 6.x/7.x, Professional and Industrial Editions

I want to add a column from my MPP file to my Tasks or Resources sheet in Excel. I know I could change the default view in Project and re-import the MPP file, but I don't want to lose all the editing I've already done in Excel. Is there another way?

Yes, there is.

  1. Have your Excel file and linked project open in @RISK.

  2. Click onto the sheet to which you want to add a column. It doesn't matter where you click on that sheet.

  3. In the @RISK ribbon, click Project » Project Link » Insert or Hide Field. @RISK lists the available Project fields, and also lets you specify where the column should be added.

Last edited: 2015-09-01

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