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11.20. Filtering Tasks in Projects

Applies to:
@RISK 6.x/7.x, Professional and Industrial Editions

I'm using @RISK to simulate a project. How do I filter tasks on the Tasks sheet in @RISK's Excel workbook?

To filter tasks in a project, set your filter in MS Project, not in Excel, then update (not sync) the filter in @RISK. Details:

  1. In Project, Filter settings are on the View tab of the ribbon. You can use a built-in filter, a filter you created and saved previously, or a new filter.
  2. If you created a new filter that you may want to reuse, save your project at this point.
  3. In Excel, in the @RISK ribbon, click Project » Project Link » Update Project Filters.

Will @RISK simulate only the visible tasks?

No, rows that are "filtered out" are still in the Excel and Project files. Computations are not affected, and that includes simulations. Even if you select a range of rows (tasks), your selection will include the invisible tasks in that range. This is not a peculiarity of @RISK; Excel filtering works exactly the same way.

I'm trying to set up a filter because I want to apply similar variation to a group of tasks.

You probably want a parameter entry table or risk categories. See Parameter Entry Table versus Risk Categories.

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