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11.15. What Happened to Conditional Branching?

Applies to: @RISK 6.x/7.x, Professional and Industrial Editions

I am familiar with @RISK for Project 4.1, and I like the feature of conditional branching.  I see that @RISK 6 has probabilistic branching, but I want to branch based on logic, not chance.  How can I do it?

In @RISK for Project 4.1, there was a wizard to set up conditional branching.  Now it is much simpler: you just use an IF( ) function in Excel.

  1. Make the Predecessors column visible in Project before importing your MPP file.  That will cause @RISK to include it on the Tasks sheet at the time of importing.

    If you have already imported your MPP file, you can add the Predecessors column without re-importing.

  2. Apply an IF( ) function to the Predecessors cell for the task where you want to branch conditionally.

A minimal example is attached, to show the logic.

See also: Using a Risk Register is an alternative approach. In @RISK, click Help » Example Spreadsheets. Under Simulation with Microsoft Project, you'll find several examples with risk registers.

Additional keywords: If-Then branching

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