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18.15. FLEXlm License Manager Times Out (Error -15,570)

Disponible en español: Tiempo de Espera en el Administrador de Licencias FLEXlm (Error -15,570)

Applies to: All products with a Concurrent Network license

We have a FLEXlm license on our VPN or other wide area network, but our users are getting error -15,570 or "Unable to reach a network server" when they try to launch the software.

The default FLEXlm License Manager timeout is 0.1 second. If there are a lot of Internet "hops" between the user and the FLEXlm license server, that may not be enough time for the required handshaking to authorize the user.  Likewise, if the client is connecting to the server through a VPN and network performance is slow, the license request may time out.  You can increase this timeout value by setting a system environment variable.

(Note:  The procedure in this article may not be effective if you have specified an Lmgrd port number below 27000 or above 27009.  The FLEXnet 11.10 License Administration Guide says that this procedure "Sets the timeout value a FlexEnabled application uses when attempting to connect to a license server port in the range 27000–27009.")

Please follow this procedure on each user's computer that experiences the problem:

  1. Right click on the This PC or My Computer icon and select Properties. (In Windows 7, 8, or 10, click Advanced System Settings when the System window appears.)

  2. In the dialog that appears, click the Advanced tab, and then the Environment Variables button.

  3. Click anywhere in the System Variables area and click New. (If the System variables section is greyed out, you don't have administrator rights. Log in to Windows as an administrator to perform this procedure.)

  4. Enter the variable name FLEXLM_TIMEOUT and the new timeout value in microseconds. We recommend 1000000 (a one and six zeroes), meaning 1 second. Don't use separators when entering the value -- 1000000, not 1,000,000 or 1.000.000 or 1 000 000.

  5. Click OK to close the New System Variable window, OK to close Environment Variables, and OK to close System Properties.

The new system variable is permanent; you will not need to create it again when you reboot the system.

If one second (1000000 µs) is insufficient, you can try a higher value; but consider the possibility that something else may be wrong.  See "FAILURE: Unable to reach a network server." for possible causes and cures.

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