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1.5. Office 365 with Palisade Software

Disponible en español: Office 365 con el Software de Palisade

Applies to:
All products, releases 7.0.0 and newer

Can I use my Palisade software with Office 365?

Yes, if you have Palisade software 7.0.0 or a newer release AND you've installed Office 365 locally.

At this writing (October 2018), Office 365 is roughly equivalent to Office 2016 with additional feature updates, but sold on a subscription rather than as a one-time purchase. Thus the rule is the same as for Office 2016: the Palisade version must be 7.0.0 or newer, and Office must be a full local install on the same PC, laptop, or server with the Palisade end-user applications. (Mac users will need to use a Windows virtual machine; see @RISK on the Apple Mac.) If your Office is set up to be accessed through a Web browser or your phone, it's not compatible with Palisade software.

@RISK 7.0 and 7.5 may experience some problems with recent updates of Office 365 or Office 2019. In this case, the solution is to upgrade @RISK to the latest release.

There's one way you can operate with Office and Palisade software in the cloud: install both (again, full Office install) on a terminal server, Citrix machine, or similar. In this setup, the Palisade software needs a Concurrent Network license. Please see @RISK in the Cloud.

I have Palisade software release 6.3.1, and my company has just rolled out Office 365.

Just like Office 2016, Office 365 is not compatible with Palisade software releases before 7.0.0. If you have an older Palisade release, you will need to upgrade it to our latest release. Please see Upgrading Palisade Software.

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