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1.6. @RISK in the Cloud (Amazon Workspaces)

Disponible en español: @RISK en la Nube (Amazon Workspaces)
Disponível em português: @RISK na nuvem (Amazon Workspaces)

Applies to: @RISK, Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, StatTools, TopRank, releases 6.0 and newer

We would like to move to a cloud-based computing environment.  Do you have a cloud-enabled version of @RISK or other Palisade software?

We have tested @RISK in the common cloud environment, Amazon Workspaces. As with any remote login scenario, a regular standalone license cannot be used in the cloud. A Concurrent Network license does work. We know of no technical reason that would prevent a Concurrent Network license from working in similar virtual-machine configurations in the cloud, such as Azure, but we haven't tested any others.

You would install both server and client software on the cloud server.  There is no need to install the client software on end users' real machines, though you could. For more, please see Citrix and Remote Desktop. (Even if you're using something other than Citrix, the same principles will apply.)

As always, we encourage you to contact Technical Support (for existing licenses) or your Palisade sales manager (for new customers) to obtain a test license so that you can make sure the product works to your satisfaction in your targeted environment.

See also: Windows and Office Versions Supported by Palisade

Last edited: 2018-05-17

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