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7.2. Library Can't Connect to Networked Database

Applies to: @RISK Professional and Industrial Editions, 6.2 and newer

I'm trying to follow the procedure in SQL for @RISK Library on Another Computer, but I can't get a list of databases.
: Nothing happens when I try to create a database.

First, verify that you have SQL Native Client or SQL Server installed (for @RISK 6.1 and earlier, it must be SQL Server). See SQL Versions and Installation.

Then, try making a dummy connection.  This is a way to resolve problems with connectivity, user names, and passwords outside of the @RISK context.

Setting up SQL as a data source:

This procedure is for Windows 7, but it should be similar for other versions of Windows. If you get any errors or things do not go as expected, the trouble is not @RISK related. Your IT person can help you resolve it.  Your IT person will also verify that you do have a Windows login on the remote computer, and an SQL login on the remote computer.

  1. Open Control Panel » Administrative Tools » Data Sources (ODBC).

  2. On the ODBC Data Source Administrator screen, click Add, select SQL Server, and click Finish.

  3. Type a dummy name and description, pick your remote SQL server from the list, and click Next.

  4. On the next screen, check (tick) "Connect to SQL Server to obtain default settings".  Enter your login information. (You probably want Microsoft Authentication, but your IT person can tell you which authentication to use.) Click Next.

  5. On the next screen, check (tick) "Change the default database to", and select one from the list.  Clear the "Attach database filename" box. Click Next.

  6. Click Finish.

You don't need to keep this dummy data source permanently. Once you've used this technique to verify your network connectivity and your authentication, use the same authentication on the @RISK Library screens. You can then remove this dummy data source on the ODBC Data Source Administrator screen.

See also: Library Can't Find SQL Servers on Other Computers

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