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7.3. "Error opening parent key"

Applies to:
@RISK 5.x for Excel

When I open @RISK, I get the error message "Risk Library – Error opening parent key".

This is most likely a problem in your System Registry, either insufficient permission or a corrupted key. You can either diagnose and correct the root cause, or if you don't need the @RISK Library feature you can simply disable it to avoid the problem.

(A) Disabling the @RISK Library
If you have no need for the @RISK library feature, the easiest thing is to turn it off. In @RISK | Utilities | Application Settings, change the fourth item, @RISK Library, to Disabled. Close Excel and reopen @RISK, and verify that the setting is still Disabled.

If you are unable to save Application Settings owing to System Registry issues, you can still disable the @RISK Library by renaming its executable file. With Excel not running, please open My Computer and navigate to the RISK5 folder under your Palisade installation folder. In that RISK5 folder, please rename RiskLibrary.exe to Windows will most likely give you a message about making files unusable, and that's exactly what you want to do.

(B) Checking for System Registry Problems
You may have a problem in your System Registry. To determine whether that's the case:

  1. Close Excel if it is open.
  2. Click the Windows Start button, then Run, and enter the command
    Then click OK.
  3. Navigate to the key
    or, in 64-bit Windows,
  4. Under that key, right-click on RiskLibrary and select Rename. Rename the key to RiskLibraryZZZ.
  5. Look carefully at the Regedit window. Is RiskLibrary still there? If it is, then you have insufficient permission or your System Registry is corrupted; please ask your IT department to help you. If the rename operation was successful and RiskLibrary is gone, rename RiskLibraryZZZ back to RiskLibrary and close the System Registry editor; this part of your System registry is fine and you have sufficient permission.

last edited: 2012-11-11

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