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2.12. Concurrent Network Client Takes Very Long to Start

Applies to: Concurrent Network clients, releases 6.x/7.x

When I launch the software, the Excel status line seems stuck at "Authorizing...."  If I wait for a long time, it does eventually find a license.  What is taking so long?

Have you redirected any of the Windows special folders to network drives? Flexera introduced a change between FLEXnet Publisher 11.4 (in Palisade's 5.x releases) and FLEXnet Publisher 11.10 (in Palisade's 6.x and 7x releases). Now, FLEXnet checks dates of files in folders that are listed in subkeys under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders" in the System Registry.

If you have redirected any of those to a network drive, try making it local and see if that solves the problem.  If you have any UNC paths in those keys, try replacing them with mapped network drives.

Last edited: 2015-10-05

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