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8.28. @RISK Changes Worksheet Formulas

Applies to: @RISK for Excel 4.x–7.x

During a simulation, I noticed that @RISK changes any formula that involves an @RISK distribution.  Why is that?

Suppose you have two or more distributions in a cell.  During a simulation, when Excel calls on @RISK to recalculate a distribution, @RISK needs to know which distribution Excel wants recalculated at the moment. Therefore, before the simulation @RISK rewrites the formula into a form that will make this identification possible. But even when a cell formula contains only one distribution, @RISK rewrites, so that distributions are treated in the same way whether they occur alone or in a larger formula. The rewrite also lets @RISK calculate some distributions more efficiently.

At the end of a simulation, @RISK changes all the cell formulas back to their original form.

After an Excel crash, in the recovered workbook the formulas were not changed back.  Instead they all began with RiskSDS.  How can I get my formulas back without having to re-create them all?

In this situation, simply run a simulation and the formulas will be changed back at the end.  To make the process go more quickly, change the number of iterations to 2 or 3 before simulating, and then change it back afterward, before saving your workbook.

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Last edited: 2015-10-15

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