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8.27. @RISK Changes Simulation Settings When Non-@RISK Workbook Is Opened

Applies to: @RISK 6.3.0 and 6.3.1 only

I opened a workbook that had no @RISK settings or functions in it, and my simulation settings changed. What happened?

If you open a workbook and change any @RISK settings, then open a second workbook without closing the first, @RISK is supposed to ask you whether to change simulation settings for the first workbook to match the new one". In fact, if the new workbook has any @RISK settings in it, all releases of @RISK do just that.

If the second workbook contains no @RISK settings, effectively its settings are the simulation defaults. @RISK 6.0.0 through 6.2.1 still prompt you in that case. But @RISK 6.3.0 and 6.3.1 have a bug: when your second workbook has no settings, @RISK simply applies the default simulation settings to both workbooks without asking you.

This is fixed in @RISK 7.0.0, and we recommend that you upgrade to the new version.

Last edited: 2015-08-07

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