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14.19. Linear Programming in Evolver

Applies to: Evolver 6.x/7.x

In linear programming (LP) or linear optimization problems, all the constrained cells and the target cell or "objective function" are linear functions of the adjustable cells. 

Evolver's LP functionality corresponds to the "Simplex LP" algorithm in Excel 2010 Solver, and to the "Assume Linear Model" option in Solver in earlier versions of Excel.  Here are some advantages of the LP functionality in Evolver, as compared to Solver:

Linear Programming is not listed as a separate option in the Engine tab of the Optimization Settings dialog, where available optimization methods are listed.  If the engine settings are left as Automatic, Evolver will apply Linear Programming, as long as the optimization problem is linear.

(RISKOptimizer doesn't include linear programming functionality. RISKOptimizer is designed for optimization involving Monte Carlo simulations, and those optimization problems are never linear. If you have RISKOptimizer as part of @RISK Industrial Edition, and you want to solve linear optimizations with no stochastic element, please contact your Palisade sales manager to add Evolver on its own or as part of an upgrade to The DecisionTools Suite.)

Last edited: 2015-07-24

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