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14.18. Large Models in Evolver and RISKOptimizer

Applies to:
@RISK Industrial 5.x–7.x, Evolver 5.x–7.x

Can the OptQuest engine in Evolver and RISKOptimizer handle large problems, involving thousands of variables and thousands of constraints?

A key algorithm in OptQuest is tabu search, invented by Fred W. Glover, an accomplished and recognized researcher in the field of optimization. Tabu search is considered to be a method for solving large problems. Here is a paper in which it was used to solve very large traveling salesman problems, a classic optimization problem: A Parallel Tabu Search Algorithm for Large Traveling Salesman Problems (accessed d). Another paper is Tabu Search-Based Algorithm for Large Scale Crew Scheduling Problems (PDF, accessed 2015-07-23).


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