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1.9. Problems in Silent Install

A few users have had problems with the silent install of 5.x, 6.x, or 7.x. We have not been able to reproduce them here, but as a service we pass on solutions that worked for those users.

PalFlex5 error:
Certain computers get a PalFlex5 error with the silent install of 5.7. If you get that error during silent install, please see this article: "PalFlex5.dll" during silent install of 5.7

Error in MSVC++ Redistributable install:
Some customers have reported that during a silent install with the /qb or /qn switch, they get a popup message "Another program is being installed. Please wait until that installation is complete, and then try installing this software again." If that happens to you, try replacing /qb or /qn with /qr (reduced interface). We are grateful to the customer who found this workaround.

We had one customer report that just replacing /qb or /qn with /qr did not work for him. After experimentation, he shared this additional possible solution with us:
"The program install works, using the command line 'setupprogram.exe /S /V/qr/NORESTART' from SCCM (Microsoft's Systems Centre Configuration Manager) if we tick the box to 'Allow users to interact with this program' and configure the advert to run 'whether or not a user is logged on'."

You may find it more convenient to install the prerequisites yourself in your script before running our installer. For the prerequisites, please see Microsoft Components Required for Palisade 7.x Software Install, Microsoft Components Required for Palisade 6.x Software Install, or Microsoft Components Required for Palisade 5.x Software Install.

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