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1.8. Antivirus Software Has Blocked The Installer

One method antivirus/antimalware software products use to flag malware is heuristic analyses, which examine a file’s binary contents and estimates, or guesses based on internal metrics whether the file is likely to contain malware.  Palisade software runs alongside and as an add-in to Microsoft Excel, and sometimes can be misidentified as malware, for example the @RISK launcher Risk.exe that starts Microsoft Excel.

Occasionally antivirus products will falsely identify Palisade products and interfere with its usage.  When this occurs, Palisade works with these companies to improve their heuristic methods and resolve the conflicts with our products.

If you are receiving a notification from your antivirus product or you suspect your antivirus product has quarantined a Palisade file, preventing either the installation or running the Palisade product:

Sample false positive submission:

Serial number or Activation ID:

Antivirus Product:
Antivirus Version:
Database Version:
Palisade Files Affected:
Screenshots of Notification:

Submit to with subject heading “Antivirus False Positive”.  We will contact the antivirus manufacturer and follow up with you, however it may take several days for the antivirus product manufacturer to issue a corrected update.

Last edited: 2020-07-24

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