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18.10. "The license you just activated is not usable ..."

Applies to: Server Manager 6.0.1

I've just activated my network license, and I get a popup telling me that activation was successful. Then after Server Manager refreshes its display, it pops up this error:

The license you just activated is not usable, most likely because it has already expired.

The license does show in the Network Licenses Installed box. Is something wrong?

If the license shows in Network Licenses Installed, then it is almost certainly good. This message can come about if you type or paste a space before or after the Activation ID when you enter it. Server Manager removes the extra space but mistakenly displays the message after activation.  (This error occurs only in early builds of 6.0.1, distributed in October 2012, and does not occur in later builds of 6.0.1 or in releases 6.1 and above.  Please upgrade to avoid the problem; see Upgrading Palisade Software.)

If the license does not show in Network Licenses Installed, then something else happened and the license is not usable. Please click the magnifying glass and then View. Save the resulting file and attach it to an email to Palisade Technical Support. Please include your Activation ID in the email.

Last edited: 2012-12-28

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