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18.9. "The license server manager (lmgrd) is already serving all vendors, exiting."

Applies to:
Palisade Server Manager, releases 6.0 and newer
LMTools, distributed with Palisade network software releases 5.x

Clients can't get a license, and the Palisade license service shuts itself down as soon as I start it. At the end of the debug log file, I see this message:

The license server manager (lmgrd) is already serving all vendors, exiting.

(The debug log file is displayed in Server Manager by clicking the View button on the Advanced Options screen, or in LMTools by clicking View Log on the Config Services tab.)

FLEXnet offers two ways to handle multiple vendors' licenses on one server.

The method that we support uses each vendor's lmgrd.exe file. Palisade installs to its own folder, so there is no conflict with FLEXnet files from other vendors. (The only potential conflict is with port numbers. To avoid that problem, either specify a unique lmgrd port number for each vendor, or leave all port numbers unspecified.)

The other method, which we don't support, has a single lmgrd.exe file handle licenses from all vendors, by dispatching each license request to the appropriate vendor daemon. Why don't we support this? Most Palisade Concurrent Network licenses, and all Enterprise Network licenses, are of the activatable or "trusted storage" type. This method, having a single lmgrd.exe for all vendors, doesn't work with activatable licenses, because there is no license certificate for lmgrd to read. Consequently, if you chose this method, you will most likely have the problem described above. Palisade Server Manager shows the license normally, because it knows there's no license file, but LMTools Server Status doesn't know about the license and can't display it.

To solve this:

  1. Remove the Palisade licenses from the common license directory or common license file. Or, if you're passing a license list to lmgrd on the command line, remove the Palisade license from the command line.

  2. Stop and restart the service for that copy of lmgrd.

  3. Launch the Windows program Services.msc. If lmadmin is running as a service, stop it and disable the service.

  4. Verify that Palisade License Service is set to Automatic and FLEXnet Licensing Service is set to Manual. In Palisade Server Manager, start the service and you should see that its status changes to Running.

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