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1.8. Transferring Standalone Software 1.x/4.x to a New Computer

Applies to:
All standalone (non-networked) Palisade software, releases 1.x and 4.x
(If you have a network license, please do not use these instructions, but contact Palisade with full details of your installation and planned move. For later releases, please see our Knowledge Books.)

How can I transfer my Palisade software, standalone release 1.x or 4.x, to a new computer?

You must have full administrative rights to uninstall or install our software. To run the software, regular user rights are enough.

To transfer a standalone copy of our software releases 1.x and 4.x to another computer:

  1. Uninstall from the old computer by using the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature. (You can skip this step if the old computer is being taken out of service.)

    1. Make sure no Microsoft Office applications are running.
    2. Make sure Palisade software is not running.
    3. Click the Windows Start button, then Settings, then Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features.
    4. Click on the product, then click Change/Remove.
    5. If you get a prompt about unused files, click "Yes to All".
  2. Install on the new computer:

    1. Use the same CD or download file you used the first time. If you can't find them, or if they are an old version, we can supply instructions for a fresh download from the Web. Please include your serial number with your request.
    2. Use your original serial number and key code when prompted during installation. Do not enter "Trial" for the serial number.
  3. Run the software on the new computer. Once you see that it is performing as expected, you will need to authorize it within 30 days after installing.(*) If you're connected to the Internet, click "Authorize Now", then "Automatic". The automatic authorization may or may not work, depending on several factors such as previous authorization history.

    (*)The authorization code from the old computer will not work on the new computer, and the ID code from the old computer won't help with authorizing the new computer.

  4. If the automatic authorization doesn't work, back up and click "Via Phone". You'll see a long ID code. (We can supply more detailed instructions if you wish.) Copy/paste the ID code into a text email to Palisade. Also include the end user's name and organization and a brief explanation of why you need a new authorization. We'll respond with an authorization code, which you can paste into the dialog box to complete the authorization process.

    If you prefer to read us the ID code over the phone, you can reach us at +1 607 277-8000 option 6.

If you anticipate the need to move a license frequently, or if you have several people who need to use the software now and then, we encourage the use of network licenses. This permits the software to be installed on as many individual machines as you like. The only limit is on how many people can be using the software at the same time.

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