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1.9. Course License after Trial Version

Applies to: DecisionTools Suite, release 6.x and newer

I installed a trial of the DecisionTools Suite, and now I have a course license file from my college or university. Do I need to do a full install?

No, that's not necessary. You can just apply the course license to your existing install, like this:

  1. Close any open copies of Excel.
  2. Move the Palisade_Course.lic file to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Palisade\System or C:\Program Files\Palisade\System, whichever exists. Windows might pop up a prompt requiring you to give permission—if that happens, answer Yes or OK.
  3. Launch any one of the tools in the DecisionTools Suite. If License Manager doesn't open on its own, you'll get a popup with a License Manager button; click that button.
  4. Click Select License, click on your course license in the list, and click OK. All tools in the Suite will automatically be configured to use that same license.

Last edited: 2018-09-13

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