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1.13. Transferring Settings to Other Models or Other Computers

Applies to: All products, releases 5.x–7.x

After I adjust the Application Settings to my liking, how can I copy these settings into other models, potentially running on other PCs?

If you are concerned only with the settings for one particular model, these are stored in the workbook and there's no need to do anything special to export them. If you want to export defaults to be applied to all new models, follow this procedure:

  1. In the Utilities » Application Settings window, click on the small disk icon at the bottom of the dialog and choose Export to File. Make note of the file location and name that you choose.

  2. In another session or on another computer, first load your model and then click Utilities » Application Settings. Click that same disk icon and choose Import from File to load the file that you saved earlier.

You can also create a policy file with application settings that should be common to all users. Please see Identical Settings for Multiple Computers.

Last edited: 2015-06-08

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