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1.12. Identical Settings for Multiple Computers

Disponible en español: Ajustes Iguales para Computadores Múltiples
Disponível em português: Utilizando as mesmas configurações para vários computadores

Applies to:
@RISK, Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, and StatTools, releases 5.x–7.x
RISKOptimizer 5.x (merged in @RISK starting with 6.0)

I'm a site administrator, and I want to ensure that everyone has the same settings for @RISK or any of the applications in the DecisionTools Suite. Is there any way I can do this?

Yes, this is easy to do. This article will give you the detailed procedure for @RISK, followed by the variations for the other applications.

You can create a policy file, RiskSettings.rsf, in the RISK5, RISK6, or RISK7 folder under your Palisade installation folder. If this policy file is present when @RISK starts up, the program will silently import the Application Settings and users will not be able to change them. Application Settings actually include two types of settings:

How to create a policy file for @RISK:

  1. Run @RISK, and on the @RISK Utilities menu select Application Settings.
  2. Make your changes to the settings that are displayed. (If a particular Simulation Setting is not shown here, then this version of @RISK does not allow setting a default.)
  3. Click the Reset/File Utilities icon at the bottom of the dialog, and select Export to File. Use the suggested name of RiskSettings.rsf.
  4. Move or copy the file to the RISK5, RISK6, or RISK7 folder under the user's Palisade installation folder.

If you want to provide an optional settings file rather than a mandatory policy file, create the RiskSettings.rsf file as above but don't put it in the RISK5, RISK6, or RISK7 folder. Users can then import the settings by opening Application Settings, clicking the Reset/File Utilities icon, and selecting Import from File.

Policy files for other applications:

The procedure is the same; only the locations of the policy files change.

Settings File NameSettings File Location
RiskSettings.rsf RISK7, RISK6, or RISK5
EvolverSettings.rsf Evolver7, Evolver6, or Evolver5
NeuralToolsSettings.rsf NeuralTools7, NeuralTools6, or NeuralTools5
PTreeSettings.rsf PrecisionTree7, PrecisionTree6, or PrecisionTree5
RISKOptimizerSettings.rsf RISKOptimizer5 only
StatToolsSettings.rsf StatTools7, StatTools6, or StatTools5
(RISKOptimizer 6 and 7 settings are merged in RiskSettings.rsf. BigPicture and TopRank do not support policy files.)

See also: Transferring Settings to Other Models or Other Computers

Additional keywords: RSF file, .RSF file, pre-defined settings

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