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6.31. "All text fields are used in this project!" (@RISK 4.x)

Applies to:
@RISK for Project 4.x

When I open my project in @RISK, I get the message

All text fields are used in this project! @RISK requires an empty text field to store data. Please clear a text field and re-try.

But the thing is, I do have text fields that are available.

There are several possible causes. Before you do too much work troubleshooting, you may wish to upgrade to the current release of @RISK, if you are eligible. This problem does not occur in @RISK 6.0.0 and newer, and these releases have many new features. If you have current maintenance, you can upgrade to the current release of @RISK at no charge; just contact your Palisade sales office.

To solve the problem if you're using @RISK 4, we suggest that you work through these steps in order:

  1. @RISK 4.x knows about only Text1 through Text20. If all those are in use, you will get this message even though higher-numbered text fields are available.

  2. By default, @RISK wants to use field Text1. If Text1 isn't clear, find an available field and follow the procedure in Designating Columns for @RISK for Project 4.x Functions.

  3. If you still get the message, close this project and then open one of our examples. (They're in the RISKPJ41\Examples or RISKPJ40\Examples folder under the folder where you installed your Palisade software.) If you get the same message, look for what else in your environment may be creating a problem, such as another add-in to Project or a template that starts automatically.

  4. If our file opens normally, then it's something in your particular .MPP file that is the problem. Does it contain links to other files or external resources? Perhaps those files are using all the text fields.

  5. Click Tools » Organizer » Fields (in Project 2010, File » Info » Organizer) and look for available custom fields. If Text1 through Text20 are listed there, it means that they are considered "in use" by @RISK and can't be used for the @RISK functions column. (A customer found that this occurred when an .MPP file created in Project 2007 was converted to Project 2003 format.) The solution then is to create a new .MPP file and manually copy everything to it, taking care that everything is duplicated except those custom fields. Then you'll be able to open your rebuilt .MPP file in @RISK.

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