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8.11. @RISK Functions Don't Reappear after Swapping Out

Applies to:
@RISK 5.0

I have an Excel workbook where the @RISK functions were swapped out before it was saved. I reopened it and then opened @RISK, but I can't get the functions to swap back in. Have I lost all my functions?

Your functions are still safe.

If @RISK is open when you open a workbook with swapped-out functions, it will swap them back in automatically. The recommended sequence is:

  1. Open @RISK and let it open Excel for you, or open @RISK while Excel is open.
  2. Open the workbook, and @RISK will swap in the functions automatically.

But if you open the workbook first and then open @RISK, the functions are not swapped in and you can't swap them in with the icon. The solution, if you already have a workbook open when you open @RISK, is:

  1. Close the workbook, leaving @RISK and Excel open.
  2. Reopen the workbook. The functions will swap in automatically.

last edited: 2013-02-24

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