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8.10. #VALUE Errors in Corrected Correlation Matrix

Applies to: @RISK 5.5–7.x

I entered a RiskCorrectCorrmat( ) function as an array formula, to store my adjusted matrix in my worksheet. But all the cells show #VALUE. What is wrong?

If your original correlation matrix, or your adjustment weights matrix, has values above and below the diagonal, then it must be symmetric. If there are values both above and below the diagonal, and the matrix is not symmetric, then the RiskCorrectCorrmat( ) array function will return #VALUE in all cells.

To avoid this problem, especially with larger matrices, it's best for both the original correlation matrix and the adjustment weights matrix to have values only on one side of the diagonal. For this reason, when you create a correlation matrix in @RISK's Define Correlations dialog and tell @RISK to write the matrix to Excel, @RISK doesn't write any values above the diagonal.

See also: How @RISK Adjusts an Invalid Correlation Matrix

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