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3.13. Errors on One Computer, OK on Another

Applies to: All Excel add-ins, all releases

I get errors in the cells of my workbook, but a colleague tried it and it works fine on her machine.

When a workbook works on machine A but not B, there are several possible explanations:

  1. Configuration differences: different versions of Excel, different versions of the Palisade software, different sets of add-ins loaded, different personal macro workbooks, and so forth.
  2. Excel is malfunctioning. To resolve this, do a Repair of Excel.

  3. The Palisade software is malfunctioning. To test this, try another workbook, such as one of our examples. In our 5.x–7.x releases, click the help icon (the question mark) on our toolbar and then Example Spreadsheets. In earlier releases, find our examples in the Examples folder under the product folder under the Palisade installation folder.

    If the software works with another workbook, go to item 4 below. But if the second workbook also fails on this machine but is fine on another machine, then you may have a startup conflict, or a problem with your Palisade software.

    To resolve startup conflicts, please see Find and Fix Startup Conflicts (Excel 2007–2016) or Find and Fix Startup Conflicts (Excel 2003 and Earlier).

    To repair or reinstall the software:

    • For releases 5.x–7.x, do a Repair of Palisade Software. Do not uninstall the software, as you may lose your activation.
    • For earlier releases, uninstall the software (Control Panel » Add or Remove Programs, or Programs and Features for Windows 7 or Vista) and then reinstall it. You will not lose your authorization.
  4. Neither is malfunctioning, but there are links within the workbook to some resources that are available on machine B but not on machine A. These might be links to a network location that machine A cannot reach. Or they might be links to a particular location within machine B, and machine A doesn't have the referenced file or doesn't have it in the same location.

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