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8.44. "Object variable or With block variable not set"

Applies to:
@RISK for Excel 5.x–7.x
TopRank 5.7–7.x

When I click on an @RISK icon in the toolbar or ribbon, I get the error message

Object variable or With block variable not set

Or else, none of the ribbon buttons do anything, not even an error message.

This can be caused by manually adding the @RISK or TopRank toolbars. Never do that; instead, you should let our software manage them. Please run Excel and remove the toolbars that you manually added. The instructions vary according to your version of Excel:

To prevent this problem in the future, always launch our software through the desktop icon, if available, or through the Windows start menu. Click the Windows Start button, then Programs or All Programs » Palisade DecisionTools and select the application you want. You can do this whether Excel is already running or not; our application will launch Excel for you if it's not already running.

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Last edited: 2016-06-24

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