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8.45. "Output range is too large"

Applies to:
@RISK 6.x/7.x

I highlighted a bunch of cells and clicked "Add Output", but I got this error message:

Output range is too large

There's no hard limit to the number of outputs in your model; @RISK can handle whatever your system can handle. But @RISK limits the number of outputs you can add in a single range to 100,000. (The number in a single summary trend graph is limited to 100.)

But if you have that many outputs, think very seriously about redesigning your model. For one thing, saving so many extra data points per iteration will make your model run slower; in 32-bit Excel, depending on number of iterations and other features of your model, Excel might even crash. And if you do have all those outputs, what will you do with them? Nobody could possibly analyze such a mass of data in any reasonable time.

We suggest that you consider which specific result cells you want to watch because they'll tell you something useful about the problem you're trying to model, and designate only those as outputs.

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