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2.55. "FLEXnet returned error code –5"

Applies to:
All products, release 5.x

I activated successfully, but when I try to run the software again I get the error message

FLEXnet returned error code -5: No such feature exists

Your activation ID is for one product, but you have installed a different product. The most common case is installing @RISK instead of the DecisionTools Suite or vice versa, but it could be any wrong product or wrong edition (Industrial, Professional, Standard).

Look at the second line of the message, and the Feature name will tell you what you have actually installed. Compare this with your license and you will see the difference. To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. In Windows Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs (or Programs and Features), uninstall the incorrect product.
  2. Download and install the correct product. You will not need to activate it again.

Or, if you can't figure this out, please send an email to Technical Support with your Activation ID and a screen shot of the error message, and we will help you.

last edited: 2012-11-09

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