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2.56. "FLEXnet returned error code –7" (7.x software)

Applies to:
All products, Concurrent Network client software, release 7.5.2 or newer

I upgraded my @RISK (Evolver, NeuralTools, ...), and now when I launch it I get the message

FLEXnet returned error code –7

Palisade release 7.5.2 changed from FLEXnet 11.10 to 11.14, and it looks like your server is still running an older version. Ask your IT people to check the release number in the title bar of Palisade Server Manager. Client (end user) software releases 7.5.2 and newer will not work with release 7.5.1 and older releases of server software.

If you have an older server release, IT staff should contact Palisade Technical Support for the latest server setup installer. Please include the network software serial number with your request.

Last edited: 2018-10-09

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