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14.6. Limited Number of Adjustable Cells?

Applies to:
Evolver 5.x–7.x
RISKOptimizer in @RISK 5.x–7.x Industrial Edition

How many adjustable cells do Evolver and RISKOptimizer allow? How many groups?

The following applies to commercial, academic, and student versions sold by Palisade. Textbook versions may have lower limits.

Evolver Professional Edition allows up to 250 adjustable cells per model; Evolver Industrial Edition is unlimited.  Evolver doesn't impose any limit on the number of adjustable cell groups.

RISKOptimizer, which is included with @RISK Industrial exclusively, does not limit the number of adjustable cells or groups.

Although Evolver and RISKOptimizer don't impose fixed limits, your own system RAM and other resources may create performance issues, practical limits, or both. The optimizer needs to read and write to the adjustable cells many, many times; if there are a lot of adjustable cells, it may look like it is stuck.

See also: Some authors use the term decision variables for what Evolver and RISKOptimizer call adjustable cells. If you searched for "decision variables" and landed on this article, please retry your search using "adjustable cells".

Last edited: 2017-09-07

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