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14.5. "Value" Choice for Optimization Target

Applies to: RISKOptimizer in @RISK 6.x/7.x Industrial Edition

In setting up my optimization goal in RISKOptimizer, I see that I can optimize a cell's simulation mean, standard deviation, percentile and so on, but what does Value mean? What does it mean to optimize the target cell's value?

Think of Value as "final value" or "value at end of simulation". Mostly Value duplicates functions that you can reach through the other statistics, but there's one case where only Value will do what you want.

Suppose rather than optimizing a particular simulation statistic of one cell, you want to optimize an expression involving simulation statistics. For example, maybe you have expressions in A1 and A2 and you want to optimize the difference of their means.  In this case, put =RiskMean(A1)-RiskMean(A2) — or maybe =ABS(RiskMean(A1)–RiskMean(A2)) — in another cell, such as A3. Your optimization target is cell A3, and the statistic is Value.

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