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15.37. Interpreting the Percentages in Variable Impact Analysis

Applies to: NeuralTools 5.x–7.x

What if var1 = 25%, var2 = 15% and var3 = 10% in the variable impact analysis? The help file indicates that this number could be used as a ranking number and the lowest ones could be eliminated from the model. But, using the numbers above, can I say that these three represent 50% of samples?

As you see in the manual, we make limited claims for the results of the variable impact analysis: these percentages can help when trying to eliminate unnecessary variables from training. (For more about that, please see Eliminate Variables Based on Impact Analysis?)

These percentage values refer to percent of total variability in the dependent variable that comes from a given independent variable. They refer to the overall network and cannot be interpreted in terms of percent of samples.

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