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15.38. Eliminate Variables Based on Impact Analysis?

Applies to: NeuralTools, all releases

Should I eliminate low ranking variables as indicated by the Variable Impact Analysis, and then re-run/re-test the model without these variables, in effect creating a new model? What criteria should I use to choose the variables to eliminate?

If results on the testing data are not satisfactory, it makes sense to try eliminating variables using the Variable Impact Analysis tool. You can decide whether to use a net trained with a smaller number of variables, based on the results on the testing data.

See also: Interpreting the Percentages in Variable Impact Analysis.

Trying different subsets of independent variables could be a tedious process. If you have NeuralTools 5.5 or later, you can automate it by using the NeuralTools Developer Kit (XDK).

Last edited: 2019-01-16

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