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3.1. Before Updating Windows

Before upgrading your Windows version, please ensure you deactivate your license first. A major version upgrade to Windows (i.e. Windows 7 to Windows 10) will wipe out the license information on a device.

When the new version of Windows has finished installing, you can reuse the same Activation ID to reactivate your license. Remember to take note of your license details before you deactivate, and save them somewhere you can access them after the upgrade.

If you do not deactivate the license, and you license information is lost, you will need to be issued a new Activation ID for your license from Technical Support.

Without a valid maintenance contract we cannot offer you assistance, and you will be required to purchase an upgrade in order to reinstate the maintenance. You can do this by contacting the sales team.

A minor update might break the license, but it shouldn't wipe it out. You can repair the software with the information in either of the articles below:

Version 7.5.0 or earlier

Version 7.5.1 or later

Last edited: 2020-06-19

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