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2.50. Broken License? Do-It-Yourself Repair (No Repair Button)

Applies to:
All products, releases 6.0 0–7.5.0, standalone licenses
All products, releases 7.5.1 and newer, if you can't get back to the Repair button

If you have release 7.5.1 or newer, with a Repair button, please see Broken License? Do-It-Yourself Repair (7.5.1 or newer).

In the article "FAILURE: License is broken", you suggest emailing Technical Support for customized instructions. Isn't this something I can fix myself?

Yes, you should be able to, if you follow these directions.

  1. Open the attached KB1395_RepairLicense file in Notepad, Microsoft Word, Outlook, or your favorite text editor.

  2. In License Manager, highlight your Activation ID with your mouse, and press Ctrl+C to copy it.

  3. Click Advanced Options (the magnifying glass in v6/v7) at the lower left of the License Manager window. A new dialog will open. Click View.

  4. A Notepad window will open. Press Ctrl+F to bring up the Find dialog, then Ctrl+V to paste your Activation ID. Click Find Next to find a line consisting of your Activation ID preceded by "Entitlement ID".

  5. Just above that line, you'll see a line consisting of "Fulfillment ID" and your Fulfillment ID, which has the format FID_1f42b49_14edacffcb3__7aea. Highlight just the ID itself, not the words "Fulfillment ID", and press Ctrl+C to copy it.

  6. In the KB1395_RepairLicense file, in step (3), highlight xxx and press Ctrl+V to replace it with the Fulfillment ID. Repeat in step (5).

Now follow your customized instructions.

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