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13.6. Data Set for Predictions Can't Be the Data Set for Regression

Applies to: StatTools 6.x/7.x

I'm doing a regression in StatTools. On the Options tab, I tick the box Include Prediction for Data Set, and click OK. This message pops up:

The data set where the predictions will be made cannot be the data set used to perform the regression.

What is wrong?

As the message says, if you want to use the results of the regression to do predictions, then you need two data sets.

You specify the regression data set on the Variables tab of the Regression dialog, or on the second screen of the wizard. The regression data set contains your independent and dependent variable data.

If you want to use that regression to predict values of the dependent variable for sets of values of the independent variables, you specify the prediction data set on the Options tab of the Regression dialog. The prediction data set must be a second data set; it can't be the same as the regression data set.  The prediction data set must contain the same independent and dependent variables that you're using in the regression. After computing the regression, StatTools will use the regression equation to predict dependent variable values for the independent variable values in the prediction data set.

Last edited: 2017-03-29

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