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13.5. Data Set Manager Shows No Variables

Applies to:
StatTools releases 6.x/7.x

I click into my data and then click Data Set Manager. A prompt asks if I want to create a new data set, and I click Yes. But Data Set Manager shows no variables, just a gray background where the list of variables should be. If I open Data Set Manager in a file that already has a data set, it also fails to display the variables.

The same thing will happen if you open an existing StatTools file and try an operation that brings up a data set and variable selection—that is most of the operations in StatTools.

Restore or re-register the SharpGrid control, by following the procedure in No Distributions in Define Distributions Dialog.

If you have StatTools 7.5.1 or older, you may have a non-default value for Data Execution Prevention (DEP). Please follow the WMIC and BCDEDIT instructions in Part A of Data Execution Prevention.

Last edited: 2018-11-27

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